Compass Lion vs School Hunter Leo-pald

Wed 2012/08/29 10:27 JST
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Compass Lion vs School Hunter Leo-pald

Hi in reference to the earlier post here

I would like to clarify something as it is causing a lot of confusion among the community.

As from the clarification from Bushiroad, 2 units have to be retired in the turn Leo-pald uses his ability and compass lion attacks.

But from what i understand from the timing check,

1.Leo-pald Boosts Hamsuke with +4k upon attack
2.Compass lion attacks later
3.End phase begins
4.Compass lion chooses Hamsuke as target to retire
5.Hamsuke retires
6.Leo-pald skill as it boosts Hamuske requires it to retire, however Hamsuke is already in drop zone. Skill fails to resolve.
7.End turn

Do clarify if this order of skill resoution is correct. Much appreciated.

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    Bushiroad (Registered on 2008/11/29)

    Yes, this order works, but point 2 about Compass Lion attacking later will not affect the scenario.

    As both abilities require a unit to be retired at the start of your end phase, both abilities will activate at the same time, and the turn player may choose the order in which to resolve the abilities.

    In your example:
    1.Leo-pald Boosts Hammsuke with +4k upon attack
    2.Compass lion in present on the field
    3.End phase begins
    4.First, Compass Lion chooses Hammsuke as target to retire
    5.Hammsuke retires
    6.Leo-pald skill: as it boosts Hammsuke requires it to retire, however Hammsuke is already in drop zone. Skill fails to resolve.
    7.End turn

    This would be the ideal scenario, and most cost effective.

    Wed 2012/08/29 10:26:56 JST (ID #10415)  Report
      Sever in California (Registered on 2012/07/04)

      Is it possible then after the unresolved step 6 can we use Leo-Pald limit break to bring back the Hammsuke

      Wed 2012/08/29 11:13:00 JST (ID #10416)  Report
        chocobo06 (Registered on 2012/08/27)

        For Leo-pald limit break, as long as the following conditions are met, you can activate it:

        1. A unit is placed into the drop zone.
        2. Its the end phase.
        3. The unit is from <Great Nature> clan.
        4. You pay the "counterblast 1" cost

        So for Leo-pald ability as long as when a unit is places in the drop zone in end phase, it does not matter where the source comes from.

        Wed 2012/08/29 12:44:00 JST (ID #10418)  Report

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