Guide to Starting Out: Weiss Schwarz

Sun 2011/05/15 00:23 JST
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Guide to Starting Out: Weiss Schwarz

Good evening to all members, Calvin here. I have been looking at everyone's introduction and I find that the community is growing very exponentially. We already hit five pages. Very cool! I do hope we get more Japanese members. Sooner or later we will see you guys posting stuff up~ Now I also take my time reading everyone's introduction and noted that some of you are interested in starting off Weiss Schwarz or other card series that Bushiroad have to offer. Also I hope new comers of Bushiroad who are unfamiliar of any of the TCG would stumble upon this guide. I know that each one of you have friends to teach you the game, but I know that certain people are so isolated from the community in your respective country that I thought maybe we need a simple tips/strategies/guides to offer anyone wishing to join. This is the very first guide and in the future I will make more guides for other Bushiroad TCGs. So I hope you enjoy the read.

My Comments

I do not want to give you a history/introduction of Weiss Schwarz becuase the workers at Bushiroad already posted one up in the Product section. So check it out to learn what Weiss Schwarz is. Weiss Schwarz is not a difficult game to learn. My perspective of the game is that this one is easy and equivalent to another hit TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh. Weiss Schwarz is also one of the easier games to learn out of the main 5 and most popular.
If you want to learn how to play the game, an English translation of the manual is available from WS@NK-DS blog. Click link to be redirected. I would like to thank them for providing us the rules since a long time back.
There is also an awesome video tutourial, done by user:WeissSchwarzUS, teaching you the basics of the game and how to play. Click link to be redirected.

What Do You Need?

The very first thing you need on you is a 50 cards deck to start playing the game. Without a deck, you just can not play. Choose one of your favourite series that Weiss Schwarz have to offer. I suggest you purchase yourself a preconstructed trial deck because the trial provides you a fair playable game. You will not find any rares in any of these trials, but they are capable to take down even the most strongest of deck. Who knows, depending on what trial you buy, maybe you might come upon a signed card from your favourite seiyuu of the series. Now that you have a deck, be prepared to face your friends and fellow players.

How to Play the Game

This segment is not teaching you how to play the game, the links that I provided earlier will show you the steps and phases. This segment here is to provide strategies and play style that Weiss Schwarz have to offer. Also most of these will surely come from your fellow members of

These are the couple of common play styles that players of Weiss Schwarz build decks around:
Aggro: Almost every deck starts out as this play type. The strategy of this deck is to bring down as much character onto the stage and attacking into your oppponent and dealing as much soul damage to your opponent. Hoping to end the game quicker in your favour.
Control: Control decks take advantages of counter cards which pumps up your character or events that offer amazing skills such as more draw capability and ensuring that cards that should be played are played. These deck's main goal is to empty your opponent's stage so that you can direct attack into your opponent as much as you can.
Combo: There is always a couple of cards in each series that have "Climax" or "Character" specific abilities. The deck tries to take advantage of these abilites and causes the game to flow to your side. The deck takes full advantages of every ability and will benifit you in every way.

Calvin's Play Tips
-Always make sure you have a couple of Level 0 and at least one or two Level 1 in your starting hand. This will ensure you a smooth play at the beginning of the game.
-Do not force yourself to always hold onto Climaxes if they are in your hand. If they are in your hand and continues to hinder you, take advantage of clocking them. You may draw into characters and events that will benifit you more than the climaxes.
-If you can not deal enough damage to eliminate your opponent's character, suicide. Frontal attack even if it means sending your own character(s) into the waiting room. You may be fruitful in dealing soul damage instead.
-Always play one character during the very first turn. Take advantage of the open field and free first turn attack that is given to you. At least you get a defender from an open field direct attack.
-Always be calm and have a fun game. You do not want to rush into a game because you will eventually mess up somewhere. Show sportsmanship when you play any TCG.

Building a Deck

Building a deck in Weiss Schwarz is not hard. Most players like to build decks based on series, characters, colours and that is fine. There is nothing wrong with making a specified deck fit to your liking. Most of those decks always shows promise of winning. In Weiss Schwarz, there is no such thing as a useless card or a useful card. A deck filled with just common can win against a deck filled with rare. With my experience, I have seen that happen. It is not the cards you have but how you play the cards. Even though that is the most corniest line in the TCG universe, it should always be your philosophy when you go into the game. Take advantage of every wins and lost and improve from there. Now a basic deck should at least follow this sort of deck equation in order for a successful deck that can be played smoothly:
14~18x Level 0 Characters
12~14x Level 1 Characters
8~10x Level 2 Characters
2~6x Level 3 Characters
0~8x Events
8x Climaxes
You are free to make your deck in any form of equation as you like. I have seen decks where Level 3 characters are never or redundent to play(*Cough* Fate *Cough*). This is just the basic equation on how I see that a deck should be. I wuold build my decks following this equation and I have lost and won a couple of games myself.

So I hope this guide gives you the basic gist on how to start off in the Weiss Schwarz community. Also if you have any question or even any tops/strategies that you want to ask or offer, then feel free to comment. I will make sure to include anything you comment into the post. I hope you enjoyed reading this and expect another one to be released in the future. I will probably do Alice x Cross being that is my second TCG that I have done constructive builds and play. Till next time my fellow Bushiroad players, peace out.

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    shuncchi in germany (Registered on 2011/02/17)

    good job, thumbs up for clearing things for beginner.
    oh and i didnt know that there were this types of decks. Have to admit that i dont know which one I actually play ^^;
    "You do not want to rush into game because you will eventually mess up somewhere", great tip for me, i am always too fast...
    "I have seen decks where Level 3 characters are never or redundent to play", of course the opposite is also available :3

    Sun 2011/05/15 04:07:04 JST (ID #1166)  Report
    lankyspirit in England (Registered on 2011/02/18)
    Programmer and Website Manager

    Nice guide, I'll definitely add this to my list of links for beginners.

    I always build one aggro deck for each card game I play. There's nothing quite like outrunning and out-powering your opponent ^^

    Sun 2011/05/15 04:22:58 JST (ID #1169)  Report
    Aetheryte in Central North America (Registered on 2011/05/08)

    Great guide I found out that it was easy to follow and I show it to any newcomers to Weiss Schwarz ^ ^ and the build guide really helped me out thank you ^ ^y

    Sun 2011/05/15 12:53:10 JST (ID #1180)  Report
    Forte Kuroneko in Indonesia / Singapore (Registered on 2011/05/16)

    Hey nice one, can i share some of your tips to my indonesian community?

    Mon 2011/05/16 02:52:56 JST (ID #1201)  Report
      Calvin in Love Box in Canada (Registered on 2011/02/17)
      Bushiroad Student

      This guide is free to everyone! As long as it proves itself useful to the Weiss Schwarz community, you can use this guide for anything

      Mon 2011/05/16 09:25:40 JST (ID #1204)  Report
    Jeff in United States, New York (Registered on 2011/05/03)
    Link Joker FTW

    Great guide thank you

    Tue 2011/05/17 11:27:21 JST (ID #1295)  Report
    HeLLs666 in perth (Registered on 2011/02/26)

    very nice, i'll refer to this when my friends wants to start making decks... they ask too many questions already answered here.... i dont have enough patience...

    Thu 2011/05/19 22:52:50 JST (ID #1464)  Report

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