Weiss Schwarz English and Japanese

Wed 2013/03/13 11:22 JST
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Weiss Schwarz English and Japanese

I would like to know what is Bushiroad's stance going to be once WS English sets are released?

Personally, I prefer Bushiroad do what Wizard of the Coast do and allow mixing of languages in cards... I don't really see a real problem for it since Magic has been doing it for 20 years and it's doing well...

I can make an argument for VG as it's target toward younger audience, but for WS I think the target audience is about the same as MTG, so I think it's perfectly fine allowing mix cards to present in Tournament legal environment.

As a long time WS player, I hope Bushiroad will take this suggestion into consideration.

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    Bushiroad (Registered on 2008/11/29)

    Nothing is set in stone at the moment, so it could be possible for mix decks in the future.
    Please keep a lookout on the upcoming official portals, as well as this site for the latest info! ^_^v

    Wed 2013/03/13 11:22:30 JST (ID #14061)  Report
      天雨 in New York City (Registered on 2012/11/14)
      Networking Products Specialist

      Thank you very much for responding! I hope Bushiroad makes the best decision for this card game as I personally think this game has great potential for growth especially with older audiences. This has been lingering and quite sensitive topic for a lot of people in various Weiss Schwarz group in FB that's why I decided to pose the question here in the open forum.

      Thu 2013/03/14 13:03:21 JST (ID #14113)  Report
        Audri in Danville, IL USA (Registered on 2012/07/27)
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        Has your local store made an announcement or a rule on how to handle it yet? I know with my gang we never want a card that a player bought (especially a new player) to be illegal for use for something as silly as being in English so we fully allow them to mix languages in the deck as long as they have translations for the Japanese cards on hand. Just curious what your store is doing.

        Wed 2013/03/27 01:44:10 JST (ID #14417)  Report

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