Cool Desert Weiss! ~Neo-Standard Tourney~

Mon 2013/06/10 10:32 JST
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Cool Desert Weiss! ~Neo-Standard Tourney~

Friday, June 21st @ 6:00 p.m. is the date and time of our next Weiss Schwarz Neo-Standard Tournament -- "Cool Desert Weiss!"

This will be the 3rd tournament we've held at our store Sunken Treasures Games, which is located in south-eastern Washington state in the city of Richland.

The tournament will be almost identical to our super successful WS tournament last month, which 22 people participated in! - there will be a $5 buy in, and decks will need to be constructed ala the Neo-Standard format.

For a list of banned and restricted cards, please refer to the list here:

Drinks and home made snacks will be provided, as per usual, and more details will pop up as we get closer to the event itself.

Feel free to join our event page on Facebook, here!

Also -- to recap our tournament last month on May 18th:

1st - Andrew "King" Kong - Commanding a very efficient Haruhi deck for the big W.
2nd - Sean "Sean-Sean-SEAAAN!" McIntyre - Rockin' 8 Level 3's in a Persona deck. Pretty nuts!
3rd - The Mysterious Memo - Kicking you while you're down with Madoka.
4th - Quintin "Butterscotch" Pettichord - With his magical "All Madoka Everything" deck.

Great work, and thanks to everybody who participated!

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