Dimensional Brave Kaiser

Fri 2013/06/14 10:19 JST
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Dimensional Brave Kaiser

Kenji Mitsusada is having a better dimension police deck ? I hope so , his team was completely crashed in season 2 ..
In season 3 , his deck could possibly defeat aichi judging from the name of the trial deck....

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    RoyalPaladinXD in Singapore (Registered on 2013/06/13)
    Student http://www.facebook.com/lee.tsunayoshi

    Well , i am guessing that it will have a good break ride :) ( even though i dont use dimension police)

    Thu 2013/06/13 21:29:40 JST (ID #15869)  Report
      CrazyCoyote in Ca, fresno (Registered on 2012/11/11)

      ooooo what do u think the breakride will incorporate? from what i've seen from previous ones, theyve all been good for their own clan. but DP robo-wise was about giving power to your vg so he could get skills. but he already gets 10k just by riding over it.

      Fri 2013/06/14 13:38:50 JST (ID #15912)  Report
        Kota in Tennessee (Registered on 2013/02/27)

        THAT is simple, my friend. Dimension Police focuses on the center line. The breakride will give +1 critical and some other effect, like increasing the power of your Dimensional Robo rear-guards or something like that.

        Sun 2013/06/16 08:27:18 JST (ID #15954)  Report

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