New Hybrid Trading Card Game from Bushiroad - "FIVE qross"!!

Fri 2013/06/14 11:57 JST

For those who have visited the Tokyo Toy Show,
some of you may have come across this black panel displayed at Bushiroad's booth...

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New Hybrid Trading Card Game from Bushiroad - "FIVE qross"!!

Yes! Cleverly hidden among the displays, there is yet another announcement for an all new hybrid trading card game!!! XD

Bushiroad proudly presents, "another" possibility for the future:
[Hybrid Trading Card Game(TCG), FIVE qross]

Scheduled for an Autumn 2013 release, this game will include various popular anime titles!!
Therefore, it will be a mix of: analog cards x digital game x character contents!!

Further details to be released at a later date... Xp

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    kain in Inazuma, japan (Registered on 2012/07/12)

    Whoa another one already

    Fri 2013/06/14 12:50:09 JST (ID #15905)  Report
    RateValkyria in Bogota, Colombia (Registered on 2012/02/06)
    Card Game Judge

    this one is quite interesting. Looks like the competence in digital card games will reach a new level, specially with hybrid games.
    I need new Smartphone for this one.

    Fri 2013/06/14 21:14:41 JST (ID #15933)  Report
    ronelm2000 in Philippines (Registered on 2013/03/21)

    I hope the success of this one will make Bushiroad think of hybridizing Weiss Schwarz or Vanguard into a possible Smartphone Online Game...

    ...think of the possibilities!

    Sat 2013/06/15 08:14:30 JST (ID #15946)  Report
    Khaimera in Somewhere.... (Registered on 2013/06/08)
    Demon Overlord

    As long as Weiss Schwarz doesn't lose their liscencing budget, this game'll probably be pretty neat. Also hoping its not like yugioh where there's separate cards for the online and offline. (Though I doubt that)

    Wed 2013/06/19 00:52:58 JST (ID #16038)  Report
    天雨 in New York City (Registered on 2012/11/14)
    Networking Products Specialist

    The app is region locked to Japan... so we can't even play outside of Japan :(

    Sat 2013/10/26 00:29:23 JST (ID #17110)  Report
      Chimera in West Midlands, UK (Registered on 2013/05/10)
      Games Venue Owner

      The app is freely available from the Japanese App Store (iphone) and the Japanese Google Play shop. Plus it is freely playable via pc browser.

      If you are outside Japan, it is very easy to get access to the Japanese stores. :)

      Iphone just requires a Japanese itunes account. (500¥ voucher needed! available from ebay/online)
      Android is just a need to use a Japanese VPN and reset your store app before using.

      Five Qross is very fun here in the UK! :)

      Sat 2013/11/02 23:56:28 JST (ID #17161)  Report

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