Question about Mikoto, Friendly 4-Man Group

Mon 2013/10/07 09:52 JST
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Question about Mikoto, Friendly 4-Man Group

Hello Bushiroad, I have a question about the card "Mikoto, Friendly 4-Man Group" effect:
[A] [(4)] When this attacks, if "Railgun" is in the climax Zone, you may pay cost. If so, deal 5 Damage to your Opponent. (Damage cancel can occur).
My question is if I use the effect when I'm attacking with 3 soul will it add an additional 5 damage?

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    Kouseo (Registered on 2013/02/12)

    So first you play your Railgun climax.
    Then you attack with her.
    Pay the required cost.
    Do the 5 damage. (Cancel can occur anytime during the 5 damage)
    Then trigger for your attack.
    Proceed to do normal damage.
    Then battle.

    Fri 2013/10/11 10:12:24 JST (ID #16990)  Report

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