Cardfight!! Vanguard DVD Release in Australia and New Zealand

Mon 2014/02/17 11:50 JST

Announcing the long awaited release for Cardfight!! Vanguard animation DVD in Australia and New Zealand!

The series is scheduled to be released in 4 parts (Total of 65 Episodes) and the first volume will be on sale from the 5th March, 2014 onwards!

Not to be missed, the first volume will also include a Flash Fight set for those who have yet to try out the game!

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Cardfight!! Vanguard DVD Release in Australia and New Zealand

Get your pre-order copy now:

Released and distributed for Australia and New Zealand by Hanabee Entertainment.

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    Axel in United Kingdom, Tonbridge (Registered on 2012/10/04)
    General Sales Assistant

    What about the United Kingdom? I want this on DvD so that if MY net goes down indefinantly i can watch my fav anime

    Wed 2014/02/19 19:13:00 JST (ID #17772)  Report
    Aichi_BlasterBlade in USA (Registered on 2014/01/10)

    Awesome !!!!

    Mon 2014/02/24 20:46:31 JST (ID #17810)  Report
    Rene in Houston (Registered on 2013/06/09)

    Question, will this DVD be out in the USA also?

    Sat 2014/03/01 13:13:52 JST (ID #17835)  Report
    Shade the Raven in UK (Registered on 2014/06/05)

    I really hope this gets a DVD release in the UK. I keep forgetting to watch them online sometimes XD

    Thu 2014/06/05 09:17:10 JST (ID #18232)  Report

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