Gold/Silver Exchange Program and Gold Trigger Campaign

Tue 2011/09/27 17:20 JST

Dear players and supporters of Bushiroad's card games,
It has come to our attention here at Bushiroad Inc. that some players from overseas have sent in their campaign coupons for exchange directly to our address here in Japan.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this campaign is only available domestically in Japan,
and only some of the distributors/shops overseas are helping out in this campaign.
Please do not send the coupons directly to Japan for your exchange as chances are they will be returned to you as is.

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Gold/Silver Exchange Program and Gold Trigger Campaign

Do read the details pertaining to the exchange program on each card games' home page.

As mentioned, some distributors or shops are doing their best to accommodate the players' requests by handling the exchanges.
Please refer to this page for a list of distributors in your country,
and contact them if you would like to know if they do handle the campaign:

In the event your country is not listed here, please check with the nearest country and who knows,
they might be willing to help you out in this matter.
(At this moment, HeartoftheCards from America does some of the exchanges through mail. Do check out their site for more details:

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Gold/Silver Exchange Program and Gold Trigger Campaign

The text on all the main pages:


※The Gold/Silver Exchange Promotion is only limited to Japan's domestic market.
Please contact the official distributors or shops in your country stated on under “Distributors” for the availability of this campaign.

※金银交换活动只限于日本市场。在国外希望参与这项活动请向 上 ”Distributors” 内记载的当地批发商或代理店查询。

We will be doing our best to spread our card games and campaigns to all parts of the world,
so please bear with us while we do our best to make this a reality! ^_^b

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    Takashi in US (Registered on 2011/08/31)

    Will the English version that will later on go to places like the US and Europe will also have these promotions?

    Wed 2011/09/28 06:58:47 JST (ID #4142)  Report
      Bushiroad (Registered on 2008/11/29)

      Well, holding the campaign exchanges is just not possible without a regional office in other countries.
      There are no current plans for the same campaigns for English versions,
      but everything is still tentative so there could be a possibility of that in the future.

      Wed 2011/09/28 09:55:08 JST (ID #4145)  Report
        Takashi in US (Registered on 2011/08/31)

        For this year's promotional cards like Petal Fairy and Circle Magus, are they given randomly when people trade in their points or are there specific promotional cards given?

        Sat 2011/10/01 23:24:52 JST (ID #4197)  Report
    zombiemaster999 in madrid, spain (Registered on 2011/12/11)

    why bushiroad doesn't sell material in spain, if they do that will get a lot of money...

    Sun 2011/12/11 11:04:53 JST (ID #5758)  Report
    koerng in Indiana, USA (Registered on 2012/03/12)

    Will there be english EB sets soon or at all?

    Sat 2012/03/17 04:01:00 JST (ID #7191)  Report
    Kakeru in HK (Registered on 2012/08/12)

    I have sent 2 silver coupons to the distributor in Hong Kong (American Sportswear Trading Co.
    163A, 1/F Smiling Plaza, 155-181 Castle Peak Road Kowloon, Hong Kong) for over a month, but it did not reply my,What can I do ?

    Fri 2012/08/31 20:11:23 JST (ID #10458)  Report
    amacharu (Registered on 2012/09/28)

    First of all, I'm sorry if my question is directed in a wrong section. May I know if I can exchange my gold/silver trigger coupons at the Bushiroad booth during AFA 2012 in Singapore?

    Thank you.

    Tue 2012/10/30 10:32:17 JST (ID #11576)  Report
    Alvin Ng in Malaysia (Registered on 2012/12/03)
    No Data

    Excuse me, but may I ask are there any shop's assisting Malaysian's in exchanging their campaign coupons?

    Mon 2012/12/03 06:53:10 JST (ID #11923)  Report
    irfan in Indonesia (Registered on 2014/05/28)

    we have what to do?

    Wed 2014/05/28 18:17:42 JST (ID #18209)  Report

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