(Update - 26/10/2011)Weiβ Schwarz World Grand Prix 2011

Thu 2011/10/27 13:26 JST

For the players out there looking for more information on the World Grand Prix(WGP) tournaments in other countries,
look no further as here are the details for the tournaments in each different country!

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(Update - 26/10/2011)Weiβ Schwarz World Grand Prix 2011

In chronological order:


06/10/2011 - October Building
Tournament size: about 130 players


22/10/2011 - Taiqi Building
Tournament size: about 200 players

Hong Kong:

23/10/2011 - Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Centre
Tournament size: about 200 players


29/10/2011 - Subang Avenue Subang Jaya
Tournament size: about 120 players


29/10/2011 - EPITA
Tournament size: about 80 players


5/11/2011 - Invention Thema Hall
Tournament size: about 50 players


12/11/2011 - Suntec City
Tournament size: about 128 players
(*There will be WGP tournaments held that day at AFA for Chaos - about 32 players, and Vanguard on 13/11- about 180 players as well!! ^_^b)


12/11/2011 - Hammergirl Anime
Tournament size: about 80 players


19/11/2011 - Melbourne City Conference Centre(MCCC)
Tournament size: about 150 players

(*note to all organizers: do contact us if there are any changes to any of the details above and we will amend it.)

This is going to be a busy year as we welcome more countries than the 1st four we started out with 2 years back.
Do get in touch with your local shops or organizers here for the details in your country!

Good luck to all the players and we will see the winners here in Tokyo for the Internationals!!

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    Hikari in Germany (Registered on 2011/02/18)
    Student http://myanimelist.net/profile/Lelouch_X

    Really great that Bushiroad is including ever more countries year for year!
    And Europe is also getting its first WGP tournament, which i really appreciate! ^o^

    I'm just waiting for the confirmation of the location in France :P

    Mon 2011/10/17 17:50:01 JST (ID #4372)  Report
      NoRyu in France (Registered on 2011/10/19)

      France: Paris.
      The location is set, we still need to communicate on this. It will be very near Paris, and accessible via subway if you come by train or plane...

      Wed 2011/10/19 04:24:31 JST (ID #4392)  Report
    Kamizaki Shion in The Floating Castle - Aincrad (Registered on 2011/08/04)

    ooooo.....380 players....hope I don't have to go up against nanoha and shana....

    Mon 2011/10/17 23:28:55 JST (ID #4378)  Report
      Julius_Firefocht in Singapore (Registered on 2011/07/28)

      I am sure its a mistake. I dun think AFA2011 has enough space for 380 players. Look out for updates tomorrow?

      Mon 2011/10/17 23:32:58 JST (ID #4379)  Report
    Xenophonics in Singapore (Registered on 2011/03/03)

    Smallest Country with the Largest Amount of Players.
    380 Players....

    Tue 2011/10/18 02:12:44 JST (ID #4380)  Report
    Omnious_master in Singapore (Registered on 2011/10/18)

    GG flooded ,Single Elimination going back to the game trollololo

    Tue 2011/10/18 02:53:17 JST (ID #4381)  Report
    Otaku_Lover in Konata's house (Registered on 2011/02/18)
    Student http://www.facebook.com/brenthl88

    I wish the anime would change to suit real tournament rules. Aichi keeps on summoning Barkgal as the starting Vanguard (even though it's banned). Should do that at the national tournament this time...

    Tue 2011/10/18 03:00:15 JST (ID #4382)  Report
    Great Student Phil in United States (Registered on 2011/04/19)

    Whoa, 80 people are going to travel to New York for the American tournament!

    And it's the same day as the Singapore tournament, nice. I hope all the pros go to the Singapore tournament. xD

    Tue 2011/10/18 03:17:36 JST (ID #4383)  Report
    Akita in Bay Area, California (Registered on 2011/05/22)

    sigh, we need one on the west coast...

    Tue 2011/10/18 03:53:36 JST (ID #4384)  Report
    xaviervui in Malaysia (Registered on 2011/05/02)
    Otaku http://www.thebeautiful-lifes.blogspot.com

    need to take a flight to west coast in order to join this for my country

    Wed 2011/10/19 12:08:42 JST (ID #4398)  Report
    Cardfighter0 in USA (Registered on 2011/04/17)
    Vanguard Fighter

    So, after these is there like a World Championship type deal, or just each country?

    Fri 2011/10/28 05:29:25 JST (ID #4559)  Report
      Bushiroad (Registered on 2008/11/29)

      Yes, the winner from each country will be invited to play in the finals in Tokyo this December(18th Dec, to be exact)!
      Making it a World Championship tournament at the end of the year! Xp

      Fri 2011/10/28 09:51:46 JST (ID #4564)  Report

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